Editor's Note: Below is a new interview between Hedgeye Founder & CEO Keith McCullough and Mark Bunting, Publisher & Host of Uncommon Sense Investor. It was originally published on Uncommon Sense Investor.


When you’ve called every bear market since 2008, including the current one, you’ve earned the right to have strong, provocative opinions.

Keith McCullough, who is not a perma-bear, doesn’t hold back in this interview.

The CEO and Founder of Hedgeye Risk Management prepared his institutional clients and subscribers to preserve and grow their capital as his proprietary, data-driven, “go anywhere”, macro process sniffed out the stock market peak last year and the subsequent market downturn.

In our conversation, McCullough covers a lot of ground explaining his views on:

  • The deteriorating macro economic picture.
  • Why there’s no rush to find the stock market bottom.
  • Why earnings are a “certified train wreck”.
  • Dishonest CEOs.
  • Why the Fed is dead wrong…again.
  • Cramer and the CNBC “clown show”.
  • Liars, thieves, and scoundrels, and much more.

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