CHART OF THE DAY: S&P 500 Has Already Crashed This Year

06/16/22 07:59AM EDT

Below is a chart and excerpt from today's Early Look written by CEO Keith McCullough. 

Other than on a higher interest rate on some of their Savings (50% of Americans don’t have savings), The People aren’t going to get paid by Powell being willfully blind about our bearish GROWTH and JOBS nowcasts (when growth #slows faster, people get fired).

He could have raised rates by 250 basis points and it WOULD NOT HAVE changed inflation NOT falling below 7% anytime soon. Both the US stock and bond markets are crashing. The Credit function is breaking. Sadly, Powell is perpetuating this through his ignorance.

CHART OF THE DAY: S&P 500 Has Already Crashed This Year - crash1

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