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Blockbuster quarter in Macau. Even after normalizing the unexpectedly high Mass hold, the beat was still huge.


  • If there was a recovery underway, it was abandoned by the addition of inventory to Vegas, but in spite of that, room rates are up a little, occupancy is ok, and convention is up a lot.  Indicators are pointing up, but it's still very lackluster and disappointing.  However, 2011 will surely be better than 2010.
    • Well, they also have less room capacity to sell given the renovations
  • The market is Macau is very robust.  Their Cotai project will be the best thing that they have ever done.
  • Had the biggest CNY in Vegas in history with $16MM in table revenues. In China they also had a record night - casino win of over $46MM.


  • In Macau, the credit balance is outstanding with their associates. They reserve 3-4% on their own accounts for bad debt - in 40 years, they have never had exceeded their reserve. They are just as conservative with their junkets. They have never used credit as a marketing tool in Macau or in general.
  • $13MM bad debt provision - $11MM of that was in Macau and that was a function of business volume. So it was purely based on business volume.
  • On a volume basis, direct play, is always 10-15% of of VIP RC. This quarter, it was on the low end. They are adding 24 tables through 2 junket rooms which will open in 2Q.
    • By our math, direct play as a % of RC was 11%
  • The entertainment component of the Cotai project is far and away the best they have ever done
  • Corporate expense run rate level - 3Q is a better run rate - 4Q just had some development activity in the quarter
  • A little more than 50% of the cash is at the parent; rest is at Wynn Macau
  • Signing of the concession in Cotai?
    • Master plan for Cotai specifically includes Wynn's property as well as SJM's and MGM's site. However, they are still waiting for official approval.
  • Opening in Cotai - Late 2014 / early 2015 is Wynn's best guess but needs to wait on the government's approval
  • Everything is up in Macau and Las Vegas in Jan & Feb - and they are being lucky but in their range
  • They will definitely book btw 20-22% of their rooms as convention rooms in 2011 vs. 13% in 2009. Historically it was always btw 20-25%.
  • Competitor's new comping policy - doesn't really make any sense to them.  They have always been the most conservative with their comping policy.  There was a period when LVS and MGM were very aggressive with comping. Invariably, high comping policies end up picking up the "unworthy" and unprofitable customers... sort of like granting too much credit.
  • On the convention side, people relaxed about coming to Vegas
  • Infrastructure improvements to Macau -Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will be huge for Macau. Left room in their plans to add more additional business that may come from this in the future
  • What was the unusual corporate development activity in the quarter?
    • No comment - would rather fill the call with deals that they have signed not spec.., don't want wild speculation on their call
  • Property growth at Wynn Macau was across the board not just attributed to the one junket added in the Q
  • Japan? No one knows about Japan yet.
  • Areas for growth in 2011:
    • Improvements in domestic business. Just remodeled the entire Vegas facility - spend $200MM in Vegas. Raising rates, and will finish renovations by April. Only 2-3% of their rooms are out of commission in the meantime.
    • First full year of Surrender and the new night club
    • Improved the cost side of F&B and should see the benefit of that
    • Full year of Encore Macau in 2011 also continued to modify their floor to accommodate the premium mass business and new VIP business. 
    • Think that they can do a lot better on the slot side as well. They restructured their slot operation - will be completed in 2 days.
  • Win per unit at the Encore casino in Wynn - 3x that of the general casino. Chinese customer base responds to intimacy.
  • $2.5BN is a comfortable budget for Wynn Cotai. Expect that the government's approval is not very far away
  •  Is credit extension too loose in the Macau market as a whole?
    • It appears that credit for a time was overextended and that some operators have more liberal credit decisions than Wynn's
  • Only holding at 1.9% in Macau in February so far... so that's why their market share dipped
  • Doesn't think that there is a current infrastructure capacity issue today
  • Impact of Galaxy Macau on the market?
    • Thinks it's a very ambitious project that will be well received and should be good for Cotai and the market given the hotel shortage on the weekends
    • Can't wait to see it next month
  • Have 9300 FTEs in Vegas and feel like that's a good number to handle any recovery- they have a pretty fixed cost structure 
  • Would consider developing something in the US in the not so distant future