The crypto #Quad4 crash continues? Are you avoiding the carnage?

We’ve got you covered with The Call @ HedgeyeThe Call is our morning research round-up hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough along with our 40+ analyst research team. The webcast airs LIVE every trading day @ 7:45am to help keep investors proactively prepared for the market movements ahead.

“This morning I yelled in my office, I'd never do that. I'm quiet as a mouse. But at that time I was remodeling all the Crypto Risk Ranges," explains McCullough. "I yelled, ‘holy sh*t! I just remodeled Luna and the low end of the range is $0.02.”

“$118 to $0.02. There is no such thing in the ‘Dot Bomb Bubble’ that did that in that window of time and space.”

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