In this clip from The Macro Show on 5/9/22, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough talks major market #crashes across currencies, equity indices, and cryptocurrencies; specifically as they relate to Hedgeye’s #Quad4 positioning.

“Markets crash from #oversold levels, don’t forget, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing here.” - McCullough

From McCullough’s Top 3 Things on Monday morning (5/9/22):

Another Deep #Quad4 in Q2 morning, it is…

  1. CRASHES with a 100% batting avg, asset prices crash when the Fed tightens into a #Quad4 slowdown – only 7.93 hikes left in 2022? We’ll see. In the meantime the NASDAQ and Russell have already crashed -24.4% and -24.7% from their #Quad2 Cycle Peaks – the beloved Bitcoin’s crash now stands at -51% and we’re reiterating the SELLs on... (subscribe for access).

McCullough: Markets Are Crashing Across The Board - University Banner copy

McCullough: Markets Are Crashing Across The Board - Live Conference Ad 2022