Are you prepared for #Quad4 chaos? Do you have an extensive team of analysts who can dive deep into stock ideas?

We’ve got you covered with The Call @ HedgeyeThe Call is our morning research round-up hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough along with our 40+ analyst research team. The webcast airs LIVE every trading day @ 7:45am to help keep investors proactively prepared for the market movements ahead.

Want a sneak-peek? Check out this rapid-fire #Quad4 roundup below.

“When you talk about Quad 4, people sort of understand OK, Quad 4 is when bad things happen”. But I don't get the impression, just based on these calls that we've had (not just yesterday, but really for weeks) that clients expected it to be this bad. I think people thought it would be volatility and then some degree of sell off, But not the sort of carnage that we've seen,” Financials analyst Josh Steiner notes.

“There's only one Quad where growth doesn't work. Just 1 Quad out of 4 quads, and that's #Quad 4. That's the only quad that you need to be careful of your growth stock picks,” explains Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.