In this clip from The Call this morning, Hedgeye REITs analyst Rob Simone pulls no punches warning investors about the risk of owning shares of Invitation Homes (INVH).

“I can’t stress this highly enough for clients right now,” explains Simone. “I added Invitation Homes as a short on February 17th. Since then, I have spoken about meaningful headline, political, all-of-the-above risk. I’ve told people to get out of that stock. I think there is a very high likelihood that the political and headline risk is rising meaningfully.”

“If you are in Invitation Homes stock, get out of that stock today, if not outright short it,” says Simone.

“This could be your last chance to avoid a very meaningful blowup. There is absolutely no reason to stay in front of an oncoming freight train—and make no mistake, it is an oncoming freight train.”

Watch the full clip above.

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