We’re in one of the biggest market collapses of the modern era from the biggest bubble in the history of markets.” 
-Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on 3/8/22

Market Meltdown: We Warned You - techehce

This year has been market mayhem... for many.

FACT: Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough began warning Hedgeye subscribers of an impending #Quad4 crash in September 2021. What's #Quad4? It's the environment where economic growth and inflation are decelerating at the same time. Simply put, when #Quad4 hits, risk assets crash.


The video below features McCullough calmly guiding subscribers through the coming #Quad4 Crash, from September 2021 through January and March 2022. 

Here's a quick recap of the carnage (and our market calls):

  • Nasdaq (QQQ): -20.6% (since shorting on 2/10) 
  • Gold (GLD): +8.7% (since going long on 2/10)
  • U.S. Dollar (UUP): +2.56% (since going long on 1/3) 
  • Short Russia (RSX): -79% (since shorting on 1/3)

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Let's run through it.

Long gold vs. short nasdaq

Market Meltdown: We Warned You - goldqqq314

Our Long Gold vs. Short Nasdaq pair has worked:

  • Gold (GLD): +8.7%
  • Nasdaq (QQQ): -20.6%

It's. All. About. Timing. And it doesn’t get much clearer than “SHORT QQQ's NOW.”

(data since February 10, 2022, Early look titled "SHORT QQQ's NOW")

Rate Hikes = BUY BONDS

Market Meltdown: We Warned You - ratehike314

While Wall Street calls for 5,6,7 rate hikes, we're calling for 1 to 2 hikes, and then done.

How do we express that? BUY BONDS, SHORT JUNK.

We've long of deflation all year, adding positions across the yield curve. We're long Long-Term Treasuries (TLT) and we're short of High Yield (HYG).

Why? Because in #Quad4, the yield curve flattens, credit spreads blowout, and the Fed simply *cannot* hike to the heavens. 

Market Meltdown: We Warned You - yc314

Market Meltdown: We Warned You - hy3

SHORT Russia

Market Meltdown: We Warned You - rsx314

Hedgeye went short Russia (RSX) on January 3, 2022. Russia is down -79% since then.

No, we did not use a crystal ball to predict Russia would invade Ukraine. What we DID know is that Russia was entering back-to-back #Quad4's (the recipe for a deep economic recession) in Q1 & Q2 of 2022. Sh*t happens in #Quad4, and we're positioned for it.


Market Meltdown: We Warned You - oil314

Oil (WTI) has been absolutely ripping. And all that does is CEMENT our Deep #Quad4 in Q2 call. As McCullough highlighted in a recent The Macro Show:

“Oil is up a lot … it’s going to continue to slow real consumer spending into Deep #Quad 4 in Q2. The two deepest parts of #Quad4 in Q2 will be the consumer, and corporate profits.” 


What was a surprise to some was an opportunity for #HedgeyeNation. 

When markets came off their COVID cycle highs and crashed, who got investors out? Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough did.

"We're playing at the highest level because we're *beating* people at the highest level. When they're losing, you're winning; that's called alpha. This is Wall Street, not a social sciences experiment."

Preserve and protect your portfolio today. Get high octane investing analysis from the firm who called the crash.