"If you can navigate a peak, and survive the other side, now you're doing Macro the right way." – Hedgeye Founder & CEO Keith McCullough

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In case you missed it, this past Friday morning Neel Kash-n-carry (aka Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari) essentially called bullsh*t on his crony Fed compatriots and Wall Street. 

“Seven Hikes”? LOL. How We Front-Run (& Fade) The Fed - WR12822

Two quick takeaways from his interview:

  • A pause in rate hikes in the spring is possible (Fed hikes are likely to be one & done)
  • The long end of the curve (which has flattened substantially) is indicating we are entering a period of lower inflation & growth (#QUAD4)

“Seven Hikes”? LOL. How We Front-Run (& Fade) The Fed - 21012822

Q: Who already made that call?
A: We did.

Hedgeye Risk-Manager-in-Chief Keith McCullough began signaling to investors a potential Q1 2022 #Quad4 … in the fourth quarter of 2021. Here are some key dates leading up to the “Kashkari Crescendo”:

January 3rd 2022: McCullough broke down the impending #Quad4 (when economic growth & inflation slow, simultaneously) on our premium Macro Themes Quarterly Call. Yes, inflation continues to remain at elevated levels; but that’s not what matters in Macro… it’s the Rate of Change that drives markets!

January 25th:  McCullough calls out the Fed for needing to (and the modal outcome being) reducing rate expectations to one hike, and that’s it. Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on The Macro Show on 1/25 (click to watch the clip):

“Fed Fund Futures are only down to 3.9 hikes; Powell has to get that down to 2, and then 1 and done. That’s according to me; I’m the one with the #Quad4 call, I’m the one who knocks.” (note: futures jumped to pricing in 4.7 hikes by 1/27).

January 28th: THREE DAYS LATER … Neel Kashkari puts his Hedgeye subscription to good use and confirms the above! We can neither confirm nor deny if Neel is a sub…

“Seven Hikes”? LOL. How We Front-Run (& Fade) The Fed - fomc3127

This is explicitly how/why Hedgeye Founder & CEO Keith McCullough built his Growth, Inflation & Policy model… to use his #VASP (Volatility-Adjust Signaling Process) and NowCast models to FRONT-RUN Fed Policy (and help our subscribers preserve their hard-earned capital from the corps of cronies trying to wash away our purchasing power).

ICING ON THE CAKE: This came just as a slew of Old Wall Street big wigs & “forecasters” (e.g. Jamie Dimon, Bill Ackman, BofA, Goldman, Wells Fargo, the CCP) came out predicting SEVEN rate hikes through 2022, or a 50 basis point hike at the March meeting, both, etc. etc. … yet another soon-to-be freezing cold take from the Street.

How did Keith (and #HedgeyeNation) play it? What were our key asset allocations, pivots, intraday buy & sell signals? Well.. we pulled back the curtain and showed everyone how we make the sausage during our FREE ALL-ACCESS DAY OF HEDGEYE on Thursday (1/27). We (strongly) encourage you to check it out.

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All of this is ON THE HOUSE. Our gift to you.

This is how Hedgeye subscribers protect their faces from getting ripped off every single day. Catch the replays and read what you missed learn how #HedgeyeNation front-runs the Old Wall, rather than playing catch up while hemorrhaging their hard-earned capital along the way.

“Seven Hikes”? LOL. How We Front-Run (& Fade) The Fed - Hedgeye Free Day v2

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