In this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye, Financials analyst Josh Steiner and Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough take a deep dive into our current quarterly quad outlook to help you proactively navigate market turmoil.

“The only question that was sort of outstanding was how do we sort of navigate this interim period from when we clearly were in Quad 2 last quarter and we know we clearly are going to be in Quad 4 next quarter?,” explains Steiner. “That’s where the overlay of the signal becomes sort of paramount. I think we watch the signal and that tells us what to do.”

“Macro is all about time and space cause the world is a non-linear ecosystem. If you do have a conditional factoring on where you’re going, all you have between January 13th and Q2 Quad 4, is the market discounting getting closer. Every day you run out of time, and every day you get more data, and every day I get more signals,” states McCullough.

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