CHART OF THE DAY: How Do YOU Manage Your Crypto Position?

01/13/22 08:15AM EST

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Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. 

I know. These central market planning gurus have been nailing it on bubbles and inflation, for a long time. For a bubble bursting US Equity preview, you might want to check out the recent disinflation in the Commodities that we call Crypto.

While I was sufficiently bullish (at this time last year), buying every bubble there was from Bitcoin to whatever Small Cap & SPAC Crap my analysts were pitching me before we hit the Mother of All Perpetuators of Bubbles (i.e. #Quad2 in Q2 of 2021)…

I’m #out of all that.

That’s not new this morning. Unlike the ideologues who HODL, I sell (and sold) anything that breaks my back-tested @Hedgeye TREND Signal. That saved both my family and yours a LOT of moneys in something like Ethereum, btw!

CHART OF THE DAY: How Do YOU Manage Your Crypto Position? - pa2

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