In this exclusive clip from today’s Healthcare Fireside Chat, Hedgeye Healthcare Analyst Tom Tobin has a pro-to-pro conversation with Mike Taylor (PM of PINK Simplify Health Care ETF) discussing how the Omicron variant will effect vaccine distributors.

“Anything from a year ago is like seven career’s ago. It’s much different,” notes Taylor. “Here’s the surprise. Because the vaccines are so ineffective (and by my estimation it is 30%) it means that there is unbelievably huge group of mutations out there that are proliferating. It’s hundreds of variants that are out there. And that makes sense given the low fidelity replication of this virus since it’s an mRNA virus. So it’s really prone to a lot of mutations.”

“There really isn’t an easy solution for it. Frankly, the easy solution is what we are enduring right now; a weakened version of the virus in all the hundreds of variants of Omicron out there, basically vaccinating the world. To dovetail that into the vaccine marketplace for these vaccine companies, this is really going to injure their vaccine market. Now you are going to have an incredible number of people who have immunity/near immunity, and it’s just going to turn into something that just doesn’t need to be vaccinated.”

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Mike Taylor: Will Omicron Make Covid Vaccinations Irrelevant? - Healthcare