In this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye, Retail analyst Brian McGough discusses the bumpy road and potential outlook for Playboy (PLBY) in 2022 with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough

“If I had to name one stock out of everything I cover that is going to see a huge Pod 1 acceleration in fiscal 2022, it’s Playboy (PLBY),” notes McGough. “I’ve got confidence in the model, it’s as simple as that. . .This is Restoration Hardware (RH) all over again.”

“It’s rare that I stay with something in Real-Time Alerts that breaks Trade and Trend,” exclaims McCullough. “We have a rules-based process. If something breaks Trade and Trend, it doesn't matter how good the analyst idea is, you're stopped out. That's the process."

"The compounding of the selling is largely rules based, I think. But we have in terms of my relationship with you as a partner at Hedgeye, is that you and I have earned the opportunity to keep that on the page for as long as we f*cking want.”

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