McCullough: Global Equities RIPPED On 2022’s First Trading Day

01/04/22 02:14PM EST

In this clip from today’s edition of The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough hits on his top theme of the day: global equities ripping on their first trading session of the year, as several European and APAC markets notched big gains alongside another S&P 500 All-Time High.

From Keith’s Top 3 Things:

STOCKS! (globally) – just ripped overnight after SPY tapped yet another all-time closing high at 4796 SPX with our call for a Goldilocks Meltup fully intact with #Quad2 in Q4 re-emerging, mainly, because all of Europe is in #Quad2 (French Stocks #vertical at +7.7% in the last month), Australia +1.9% overnight now signaling #Quad2 in Q1, Taiwan in #Quad2 with another +1.4% ramp to Cycle Highs, etc.

McCullough: Global Equities RIPPED On 2022’s First Trading Day - Youtube Banner copy

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