Copper Broke McCullough’s Trend & “Ripped Like Last Time”

11/18/21 02:24PM EST

In this clip from today’s edition of The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough broke down his TREND (3 months or less) Risk Ranges™ for Copper & Corn, hitting on options expirations and what level Copper would need to hit for a breakout. Hedgeye Nation was able to take advantage as the premarket heads up from Keith nailed the subsequent intraday breakout.

"If [Copper] gets above $4.30 it’s going to rip just like last time it got above $4.30. That’s the way you should look at it.”

“I built my TRADE & TREND model to maintain two specific behavioral patterns of investors; trending/quarterly investors vs. traders. I do both; I’m a trader and I’m a Full Cycle investor.”

Copper Broke McCullough’s Trend & “Ripped Like Last Time” - Mega Market Trends 11 19 2021 Banner

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