PODCAST: Keith McCullough Goes 1-On-1 with Investopedia's Caleb Silver

11/08/21 02:58PM EST

Editor's Note: Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough recently appeared on "The Investopedia Express" with Investopedia Editor Caleb Silver

LISTEN as they lay out Keith's multi-factor approach to identifying market and economic cycles, why consensus views may be way off, discuss why SPACs snap back as risk rises across the capital markets again, and the latest Big Tech earnings spotlight. (Keith's interview starts at the 08:53 mark).

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Silver: "I've known you Keith for a very long time; long enough to remember when you started Hedgeye back in 2008 in the flames of the financial crisis. Why did you start it, and briefly, how has it evolved in the last 13 years or so?

McCullough: Like a lot of things, and I guess some people see that in me, I started it cause I was pissed off. One, I had just gotten fired. Two, I had gotten fired for short term reasons, which have to do with a Hedge funds performance. Three, what I wanted to do was prove that there was a better way. 

I was big on process and that's how I built my career. It's always process all the time, and process is constantly evolving and changing. But I wanted to prove, that I could show the world the best top-down macro to bottom up micro (right down to stock picking long & short) research process on Wall Street. And I wanted to show that not inside of a place where I just show my returns at a hedge fund. That's why I called it Hedgeye.

I wanted to open it up. Make it transparent, accountable, and trustworthy to show the world exactly what it is that we do, how we execute on the process, and democratize it too, so that accredited investors can see it.

So far so good!

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