Keith’s 2nd Coaching Session For #HedgEyeOnThePrize

11/03/21 03:41PM EDT

Hedgeye Founder Keith McCullough is hosting 8 complimentary investing coaching sessions (available live and on-demand to anyone and everyone) during our free, simulated trading competition—“Hedgeye On The Prize”—where we’re giving away a ton of money and top-shelf investing research to top contestants.

Keith was joined today by two contestants Hedgeye Power Users Gavin Gewecke and Leslie De Villiers to discuss their positioning, strategy, and performance so far. Keith also analyzed commentary from our top performers after Week 1 of #HedgEyeOnThePrize, and advised contestants on his investment process so they can improve, outperform, and win some serious prizes.

“Your starting points should’ve been: on the country level on the short side, China. At the country level on the long side, U.S.A. At the sector levels in the U.S., you know what sectors you want to be to long and short side [in #Quad2] too. That should be, or at least with me, that’s my principal orientation. Where is the highest probability?”

REMINDER: If you haven’t already, you can still join (and win). Participants are competing for a chance to win over $40,000 in cash prizes and $100,000 in investing research. Weekly and monthly cash prizes are available. Sign up here.

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