CHART OF THE DAY: Industrial REIT Lease Duration

10/21/21 08:16AM EDT

Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by REITs analyst Rob Simone.

We are obviously long inflation in #Quad2. This will change at some point as the cycle turns, but where I need to focus are the areas in my space that will perform the best (or worst) amidst inflation. 

This naturally lends itself to the shorter-lease duration REIT subsectors with the highest underlying market rent growth, where a landlord can more quickly “roll” its leases up to a higher rate and capture that inflation in revenue. Hence the focus on self-storage (monthly leases), certain residential names (~12 months), etc.

And then within subsectors, focus on individual securities that are best positioned from a duration perspective. For example, take a look at today’s "Chart of the Day" to see the Industrial REIT Lease Duration.

CHART OF THE DAY: Industrial REIT Lease Duration - REIT

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