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Fewer Avocados Imported From Mexico In 2021 - 10 5 2021 7 57 52 AM

2021 started with large volumes of avocados from Mexico and relatively low prices slightly above $20 for 48 size two-layer packs.

2021 is currently seeing the most avocado volumes in the last seven years, driven by increases in Mexico.

Mexico is reporting over 1.6B pounds growth this year, up 160M more pounds than 2020. Mexico grows more than six times the next largest grower, California.

Production in California is down 27% this year. As Mexican volumes imported into the U.S. decreased over the year, prices started to rise in July. 

Current prices for this size have recently been trading at $70, double the price has seen over the summer, as seen in the chart below.

Fewer Avocados Imported From Mexico In 2021 - staples insights 10421 2