Steiner: Herd Immunity From Covid Is Closer Than We Thought

09/16/21 11:12AM EDT

In this clip from today’s edition of The Macro Show, Hedgeye Financials & Macro analyst Josh Steiner updates on the global COVID outlook, as well as immunity trends in the U.S.

“On a 7-day moving average, COVID cases in the U.S. are starting to roll over. We’ve acquired immunity at a very high level, through both the vaccination and naturally acquired channels. Herd Immunity is closer than we previously thought." – Josh Steiner

“If we look at global COVID cases, we’re definitely passed the peak. From a strictly numerical standpoint, daily new cases are becoming less bad in terms of their quantity.”

Steiner: Herd Immunity From Covid Is Closer Than We Thought  - RealTimeAlerts Banner copy

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