In this morning’s edition of The Macro Show, Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver highlights the ridiculous marketing sham being run by Tesla, hitting on several issues with both the cars themselves and the company’s false technological promises.

“Tesla doesn't have self-driving tech. They have a Level 2 driver assistance system which they misbrand as 'autopilot'.  In Germany they aren’t even allowed to market it that way because it's a lie. They’ve also marketed that Tesla’s will be able to operate as ‘robo-taxis’. That marketing is ridiculous and it’s a huge issue. Tesla isn't a robo-taxi, it's still just a car,” explains Van Sciver, as he runs through the issues and lies plaguing the company's credibility.

"Tesla says ridiculous things. At their ‘Battery Day’, they said they'd extract lithium from clay with table salt. And that's just the tip of the iceberg."

“Look at the charges against Trevor Milton at Nikola. Once $NKLA was down a lot, they said, ‘Ok, time to prosecute.’ The guy was lying for years, but no one wanted to bother him while the SPAC was up.”

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