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On Wednesday afternoon, we held a conference call with Special Guest Peter Orszag, former Director of the OMB under President Barack Obama. On the call we analyzed in great detail the midterm elections results’ potential impact on fiscal and monetary policy in the United States, and the associated investment implications.

Our discussion included a look into key questions such as: 

  • What, if anything, can the government do to quickly narrow the deficit from both a revenue and expenditure perspective?
  • What will change from a budget and fiscal perspective with a change in the parties in Congress?
  • What do we need to do to create a more effective relationship between government and business?
  • How will ObamaCare get repealed, and what is its impact on business investment and healthcare costs as it currently stands?
  • General thoughts on QE and whether we should be pursuing it as monetary policy. 

With the midterm elections now in the rearview mirror highlighted by a dramatic 65+ seat gain in the House by the Republicans, what's next for fiscal and monetary policy?  Is it possible for Republicans to implement a dramatic shift in the fiscal direction of the country?

To hear an insider’s take on the above questions, copy & paste this link into the URL of your browser: http://www.hedgeye.com/feed_items/10343

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The Hedgeye Macro Team