In 2014, we were sick and tired of hearing narrative after narrative on "Old Wall" TV. We created The Macro Show for everyday investors looking for a better way to access real-time investable market analysis.

Track trends in stocks, commodities, currencies, and interest rates across the globe every morning before the market opens with former hedge fund veterans, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Director of Research Daryl Jones.

The highlights below are from our "All-Star Week" special editions, and feature:

  • Hedgeye Cannabis analyst Howard Penney discussing Cannabis Legalization
  • Macro analyst Christian Drake talking Sticky Inflation
  • Retail analyst Brian McGough hitting on the "End of the Bankruptcy Cycle"
  • Retail analyst Brian McGough giving his updated analysis on Playboy (PLBY)

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


“A significant portion of the U.S. now has access to legal cannabis. That’s a really important factor when you consider the continuing growth in the fundamentals of the industry,” explains Penney, as he dives into the legal framework that will propel further growth in the cannabis industry.

"Building a dispensary has the best unit economics in all of retail, the ROI's are extremely high. It's a very compelling investment."

Sticky inflation

“Consumers are not buying into the transitory narrative. Consumer inflation expectations (for 3-years out) are at another all-time high,” explains Drake, as he breaks down the factors that maintain stickier (for longer) inflation going forward. 

"Shelter CPI accelerated again. We're heading back to the previous average, and likely significantly higher. Remember, shelter is ~33% of CPI. It's going to support the headline prints for some time."

Bankruptcy Cycle

"The bankruptcy cycle is done. I’m officially calling it; if you could make it through this last year and a half, you have a really good setup ahead of you." - McGough