Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

For many of you at least, what really seems to matter is when we make a major Quad Pivot.

I get why. People want the process to be easier than it actually is to execute. I personally don’t find executing on the particulars difficult (I just hit the buy/sell buttons). It’s much more difficult to coach people through the pivots.

I guess that’s the difference between playing The Game at the highest level and coaching it. For many, I have to be Player/Coach. And I sincerely love that challenge. Thank you all for having patience with my coaching process!

Now onto some of the Particular #Quad3 US Pivots I’m already in motion on?

  1. Long Tech and/or Large Cap Quality Growth Stocks is the most obvious
  2. Long and Short things that work in BOTH Quads 2 & 3 (i.e. yesterday’s note on Long Energy, Short Staples)
  3. Long LARGE CAP (liquidity) vs. Underweight/Short SMALL CAP illiquidity

If you “missed” me “making the call”, you’re missing how The Game is actually played. I don’t make calls. I make moves.

Whether it was the re-ranking of Sector Styles on June 22nd (which I was doing in my own accounts, don’t forget, so I simply explained them on The Macro Show)… or adding Tech and REITS during our Q3 Macro Themes presentation in June…

CHART OF THE DAY: Expected Values By Quad Regime  - 7 14 2021 7 41 46 AM