CHART OF THE DAY: Spanish Stocks A Laggard In Euro #Quad2

07/12/21 07:58AM EDT

Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

It wasn’t all-time closing highs in European Equities last week, but it was more of what our economic Quad & Volatility Signaling Process thought it would be:

A) German Stocks (DAX) up another +0.2% off the low-end of their Risk Range = Bullish TRADE and TREND
B) Spanish Stocks (IBEX) down another -1.5% after breaking @Hedgeye TRADE and TREND

No, not everyone reading this is a Macro Pro Premium subscriber. And no, not everyone reads every number and back-test in that 110 slide Q3 Macro Themes deck. But I do…

Everything from the Top 10 Key #Quad3 (or #Quad4) @Hedgeye Signal Levels were in there alongside slide 108 that says “Spanish Stocks Are A Relative Laggard In Eurozone #Quad2”

CHART OF THE DAY: Spanish Stocks A Laggard In Euro #Quad2 - 7 12 2021 7 47 40 AM

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