In this morning’s edition of The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough answers a subscriber question regarding the hottest commodities on McCullough’s radar, and then we flashback to The Macro Show episodes from a year ago for his original thoughts on long commodities.

"If you’re banging your head against the wall today trying to chase Oil at $68 when the upside is to $69 is absolutely not how to do this. I know that’s what you were taught to do, to chase AFTER things happen,” explains McCullough, as he discusses how investors should have been taking advantage of the recent run up in commodities.

"We're going to teach you how to have the patience and #process to accumulate during consolidations and corrections so you can #FeedTheDucks to your former self."


6/23/2020: "Why wouldn't you buy commodities? I want to buy things that are going to inflate in price as the Dollar is being devalued."

7/2/2020: "Commodities across the board; whether it's the bullish breakout signal I gave you in copper, whether it's soy, corn, or oil, which has been bullish trend for a couple days. This is exactly what happens as we come off major cycle-lows for commodities because we're coming off an epic #Quad4 cycle-high in the U.S. Dollar."

Want more on McCullough's original #InflationAccelerating and long commodities call? Read The Early Look note he wrote on June 19, 2020 below:


McCullough: Why Are You Trying To Chase Oil & Commodities AFTER The Year-Long Move? - risk ranges