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MLB Announces New NFT Initiative - 6 2 2021 10 05 02 AM

MLB announces new NFT initiative

Major League Baseball announced yesterday that it will begin releasing a new series of NFTs beginning in July, with the first collectible commemorating Lou Gehrig’s famous “Luckiest Man” speech from 1939.

The new collectibles will be released in collaboration with NFT producer Candy Digital, which is run by the troika of Chairman of Fanatics Michael Rubin, Founder/CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Concurrently with this announcement MLB announced a multi-year licensing partnership with Candy Digital to produce more NFTs.

While Topps has the license to distribute MLB NFT trading cards, the partnership with Candy Digital is expected to cover a significantly broader suite of products than what Topps offers.

This development is interesting for Topps, as its management undoubtedly had bigger plans in digital collectibles than just trading cards.

Perhaps it forces Topps to be more proactive in securing broader license agreements with other leagues, or perhaps they double down on their efforts to build a sustainable and growing NFT card ecosystem.

Either way this definitely will have Topps on its toes looking for more ways to execute their digital strategy.


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