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AGU/POT | [Correction] Understanding the Terms

*The prior version of this note was sent in error

As we wrote previously http://app.hedgeye.com/feed_items/53543, we thought a logical expectation, given the relative multiples and investor interest, was a modest premium for AGU relative to POT. Judging by the market’s reaction to this morning’s news, the reappraisal of the combined entity as less Retail more Wholesale was not convincingly offset by the proposed synergies and other deal benefits.  Below we offer a few considerations that may be of interest as we learn more about the planned merger over the coming months:

  • End Markets and pending results in retail may be weaker given deal terms

Is it possible that Agrium was willing to do a not-so-accretive deal to change the narrative ahead of weaker results?  While a merger process may create a bit of a distraction, stress on North American Ag. is increasingly severe. Both companies are looking at potential margin pressure into 2017 just based on current crop prices and grower input costs.

  • We believe in some of the identified synergies but are curious to see what unfolds from an antitrust standpoint, since remedies could create offsetting dis-synergies

We expect the final terms to vary from the initial release to accommodate regulatory concerns, if the deal closes.  More likely, in our view, is that the merger is blocked per our earlier note "AGU + POT | Farm Misery & Antitrust Hurdles" http://app.hedgeye.com/feed_items/53463. Specifically, the combined entity’s pending control of North American distribution channels will likely raise red flags for regulators - AGU’s Retail segment complicates the merger review process. If regulators view distribution as a price + margin business, there would be limited incentive for Agrium to pressure the market with lower prices. Again, believe it or not, mergers in concentrated industries with existing cartel-like relationships can be problematic in antitrust reviews. 

  • By shifting away from its retail identity without a premium, AGU is taking on risk and disappointing some shareholders to get wholesale assets

The perceived stability of AGU’s retail margins on a go-forward basis have been treated very favorably by equity markets. The merger is a divergence from AGU’s North American retail-focused strategy without a straightforward offsetting benefit. AGU management is comparatively competent, in our view, and we will be interested to understand their agreement to deal terms likely to disappoint Retail-focused shareholders.

With the deal terms risk now past, we will add AGU back to Best Ideas.  We have several pending catalysts, including a potential merger rejection on antitrust grounds, an expectation for continued pressure on N.A. Retail margins, and likely input spending cuts an increasingly stress agricultural sector.


As we wrote two weeks ago in AGU+POT | Farm Misery and Anti-Trust Hurdles , the logical expectation in our eyes was not a true merger of equals. Judging by the market’s reaction to this morning’s news, consensus was also thrown off by the headlines. Below we offer three important points to consider as we learn more about the planned merger over the coming months:

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Looking For a Turnaround: Sector Sentiment Run

Our monthly sentiment run is a behavioral, market-based gauge of investor sentiment in the Basic Materials Sector. Any relative performance measure is tied to an S&P 500 Materials Sector INDEX (GICS or XLB). Further screening methodologies are included in the link to the tracker below.

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The Drought is in Credit: Key Call-Outs (AGU, CF, MOS, POT)

The big question that will be answered in the intermediate-term is the effect of credit contraction, repayment rates, and land values on farmer input consumption trends. As we’ve highlighted with our recent calls in the Ag. space, we believe a deterioration in these metrics will prove meaningful:

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Earnings & Expectations - Key Call-Outs (Peak Forward Multiples)

The Materials sector, and the S&P 500 as a whole, is going on its third consecutive quarter of negative Y/Y earnings growth, and forward expectations have been taken down (obviously on a lag). With the sector now trading at peak forward multiples, below we ask the question, are forward-looking earnings expectations now too beaten-down, or is the current peak multiple a sign to be cautious of prospective returns? We would argue the latter.

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Jumping Beans - Key Call-Outs (SOYB, CORN, AGU)

Soybean market breadth has been strong on the CME – even unprecedented. Speculation behind the move has come from many different fundamental angles relieving U.S. farmers whether it be: 1) Brazilian farmers curbing forward-selling with political uncertainty; 2) Argentina unloading of record soybean stockpiles now being offset by unfavorable weather; 3) China shifting purchases from Argentina to the U.S.; 4) Macro - A weaker Dollar making U.S. crops more competitive in the global landscape.  

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Birds-Eye View: Key Call-Outs (AGU, CF, MON)

We presented the bear case on Agrium last Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. with a blackbook and conference call. To summarize, we believe the retail business is misunderstood and subject to short-termism from an analysis perspective. In our view operating margins in the retail business, which have been stable post-recession, will contract meaningfully as the sector continues its long cyclical downturn. Ping us back directly for the deck or related inquiry.

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