The Best of This Week From Hedgeye



Hedgeye technology sector head and semiconductor analyst Craig Berger gives three reasons why a host of stocks, including Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung and others, might be impacted by what’s happening in the technology supply chain.



What's in a name? In this case, it’s two long ideas for investors. 

Gold bond cartoon 07.10.2014 normal


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GOLD has been rock solid amidst US domestic growth style factors going haywire.

Mrt large normal



This week, we asked: Are you bullish or bearish on Gold through 2014?


77% of respondents voted they are BULLISH on Gold, while 23% voted BEARISH.


In the one-minute video below, macro analyst Ben Ryan briefly discusses some of the reasons we became bullish on Gold and added it to Investing Ideas.






Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough sat down with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo for an hour on “Opening Bell” Thursday and explained why he’s cautious on the markets, his concerns about stagflation, and why he continues to like gold.

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