Takeaway: Here's a look at some of the top stories involving Hedgeye this week. Making waves (especially big ones) is fun.

Two Of The Most Notorious Folks On Financial Twitter Got Into A Huge Fight

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(Business Insider) - Two of Twitter's most notorious characters, Keith McCullough, the CEO of Hedgeye, and anonymous financial blogger ZeroHedge got in an epic spat on Twitter last night and it's still continuing this morning. 

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Is Kinder Morgan a Trap or a Treasure?

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(Yahoo Finance) - It could be the boldest, most controversial call on Wall Street since Meredith Whitney (incorrectly) hexed the municipal bond market on 60 Minutes in 2010. This time, the target is Kinder Morgan (KMI) and the broader universe of MLP's (or master limited partnerships), and the messenger is a little known analyst Kevin Kaiser, at Connecticut-based Hedgeye Risk Management. In both cases, the bedrock of the institutional investing establishment has not taken kindly to the message.


"This isn't rocket science. It's just us reminding people what GAAP accounting is," says Keith McCullough, founder and CEO of Hedgeye, in the attached video. "When we get into the short side of something, it's not about scaring people or end-of-the-world type stuff. I'm looking for an expensive stock that everybody owns that's going to run into some issues."


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Hedgeye's McCullough: Low Oil, Strong US Dollar Could Weaken Russia's Putin

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(Newsmax) - A strengthening of the dollar and a significantly lower oil price are weapons President Barack Obama could one day use against Russian President Vladimir Putin, leading to the United States dealing from a position of strength, according to Keith McCullough, founder of investment-research firm Hedgeye Risk Management.


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Young analyst draws Wall Street ire taking on Kinder Morgan

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(Reuters) - Kevin Kaiser, a 26-year-old analyst only three years into his first job out of the Ivy League, jolted Wall Street last week with a pithy email taking aim at North America's largest oil and gas pipeline and processing company - Kinder Morgan.


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Why a 26-year-old analyst has managed to rattle Wall Street

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(Quartz) - On Sept. 9, Reuters reported that Kevin Kaiser of Hedgeye Risk Management had sent shares of Kinder Morgan, North America’s third largest energy company, reeling 6%. Kaiser had emailed clients advising them to short the stock (i.e., bet it would fall). The following day, Kaiser published a full report on the company, arguing that it was overvalued. In the two days since, Kinder Morgan’s share price has rallied and then fallen sharply.


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Should Obama turn Larry Summers loose on Putin?

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(AEI) - Keith McCullough of investment firm Hedgeye Risk Management offers a novel suggestion for Washington to deal with that pesky authoritarian and newspaper columnist Vladimir Putin.Here is a bit from a recent interview:


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FBN’s Charlie Gasparino Discusses Kinder Morgan with Hedgeye's Kevin Kaiser

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(Fox Business) - Hedgeye analyst Kevin Kaiser spoke with FOXBusiness Network's Charlie Gasparino about his recent report on Kinder Morgan.

Kaiser said, "Kinder Morgan's issues are very concerning" and that the "entire MLP sector is sort of a regulatory nightmare." When asked whether Kaiser thinks Kinder Morgan is doing anything illegal Kaiser said, "I am not saying that anything is illegal here. I think there are some very misleading statements with some of the non-GAAP financials." Kaiser discussed further that he doesn't think Kinder Morgan's stock is safe for investors.


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Wall Street’s 6-Day Winning Streak Can Continue Says McCullough

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(Yahoo Finance) - Not two weeks ago market historians had us bracing for impact and on guard for a disastrous September. So far nothing could be further from the truth. Stocks continue to erase August's losses and what seemed ominous and scary a few days ago isn't quite as fearsome anymore.


"I think it can continue," says Keith McCullough, CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management in the attached video, "and I think the reasons are about as straight forward as they've ever been."


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